Little Free Pantry

Hernando County Little Free Pantries Page

February 2nd, 2017, was the start of the Hernando County Little Free Pantries Facebook page. In the Spring Hill, FL Neighbors Facebook group (if you are in the area, join our group) there has been a lot going on because of these pantries. The idea was to help others keep track of all the locations of the Little Free Pantries that are here in Spring Hill. So from there the idea was real and I was set in charge of being the page administrator.

It’s my honor to share the Hernando County Little Free Pantries Facebook page.

Visit our FB page:

There are now 4 Little Free Pantries located here in Spring Hill, FL. A few additions are soon to be installed, and many are being built as we speak. Each location is listed in a pinned post. It’s a fun way to see what is happening with each of them. I like to share and post about the donations, give thanks and keep the page engaged and fun for everyone.

Here in Hernando County, we are always doing what we can to give back and to help other people. It really has been crazy for me. When I first moved here, I couldn’t find anyone who was like that who wanted to bring out the positive way more than the negative. That is until last December when I joined the Spring Hill, FL Neighbors Facebook group. My faith is restored! There are a lot of incredible people in that group. Seriously, check it out if you’re in the area!


These are two of the other pantries currently installed in Spring Hill, FL.



If you live here in the area or if you ever visit, please stop by and check these pantries out! & I’m super excited to say my motto is really sticking, Take What You Need, Donate What You Can.
Get out there, be a blessing, and think about starting one of these in your community!