About Jamberry

Hey there! I’m excited for you to learn more about what Jamberry is and why it is a big part of my life. Three amazing sisters started an incredible direct sales company called Jamberry. They started with a unique nail product that offers hundreds of nail wrap designs that are easy to apply at home but most importantly they are durable, chip, smudge, and fade resistant and last through every day activities.

Jamberry nail wraps are made from a safe vinyl that only requires a little bit of heat and pressure to activate the adhesive backing which creates a water tight bond between the wrap and your nail.

Watch the wrap application video provided from Jamberry.

There’s a whole lot more for you to check out on My Jamberry Website, or on jamberry.com.

Hostess with the Mostess: Did you know Jamberry offers product rewards for being a host? Enjoy a shopping spree of Jamberry products when you host your own in-home nail bar, online jam session, or catalog party. Each host has the opportunity to earn free nail wraps and products, half off items, up to 3 Host Exclusive wraps and free shipping. More about hosting.


Jamberry Opportunity: Jamberry offers an opportunity to earn extra money while wear a unique product that is fun and free of harmful chemicals. I never would have thought joining a company would allow me to grow as a person, build amazing friendships with new people, step out of my comfort zone and be able to give back and help others whenever I can. The nail wraps and hand products have completely changed the way I look at products I put on my body and I’m thankful to be a part of a company stands behind making life beautiful! If you have any interest, you need to take a look at our: Opportunity at your fingertips.


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