Blessing Box

I am always trying to help others and give back. This Little Free Pantry fills my heart with joy and I adore this movement. I’ve taken the idea and put a spin on it to make it my own and I look forward to building a bigger pantry!

Find our page on Facebook: Hernando County Little Free Pantrieshernandolittlefreepantries

“They don’t have to say anything for us to know that they’re thankful for it.”

Thanks to Lauren Rozyla and ABC Action News for the article and video about the Hernando County Little Free Pantries. Take a look at their article: Hungry families get unexpected help from ‘Little Free Pantries’ Project

Are you interested in finding a Little Free Pantry near you? Take a look at the map below to see the Little Free Pantry locations.

If you don’t have a local pantry nearby, you should consider hosting one yourself. Each pantry is unique in itself and can be built however you wish. If you need help with plans or building ideas, Google ‘Little Free Pantry Plans’ and you will find a bunch of results.