Where Great Beer is Born

Wednesday June 21st Trip Day #4

Today is the day! Our special day, BREWERY DAY! Aww yeah!


I’ve been overlooking a bunch of different breweries and checking out the reviews to plan which one we are going to go to. We were supposed to have a whole lot more time than 4 or so hours to spend in Denver but another oh well, we have to work with what we got. At this point I don’t know why we agreed to only going to one brewery, but that’s what we did. I should have fought for a longer day, but hey, that’s ok, Bruce and I made it work to the best of our abilities. It turned out to be a lot of fun. Next time we’ll be spending a lot more time on our brewery hopping. So what we did to make this a great day was to pick the one brewery that we wanted to visit the most and that was… drumroll…

Great Divide Brewing Company. Located at 2201 Arapahoe Street, Denver, CO, 80205.


This place was super cool. At first as we jogged up to it (we jumped out of the backseat of the car when we were stopped at a red light) and thought, is this it?! There’s a sign that sticks out on corner and on one side of the building there is a patio area, but not too much more. Once you walk in, you get hit with the bar right away. It’s not the biggest bar setting but it really works for the space. You approach the bar and behind that is the brewery. To the left if you walk passed the bar top you can sit at some high tops and overlook the brewery itself. It was really cool.


The beer was absolutely delicious. You’re welcome to try samples of whatever beer they offer. We tried 5 different kinds. Denver Pale Ale, Titan, Hercules, Velvet Yeti, and a unique Nadia Kali Hibiscus Saison. It was bubbly with hints of floral and sweetness, very tasty.


We grabbed a couple souvenirs as keepsakes from our quick trip. A Denver Pale Ale pin, a bottle opener, an I Believe Yeti decal and stickers.


They also offer their brewed beer to take home. Grab a 6 pack or twelve pack, or you can even mix and match your cases if you’d like. The breweries near us don’t offer that so I thought that was neat.


A day to remember at the Great Divide Brewery.