A Step Inside Medicine Man

Tuesday June 20th Trip Day #3 Post #2

Bucket List item just checked off!!! I can’t believe how awesome Colorado is!! Lots of exclamation points because this state is all that. Honestly I’ve only been in Colorado for a few hours and I’m in LOVE. First off, let me tell you that this state smells like marijuana. I’m pretty sure I could smell it even before we entered the state, haha.

Coming into Denver, heading to Medicine Man.

Bdubs earlier was amazing and as we were driving too and from, we noticed a lot of green crosses. Not going to lie, that makes me so happy!! I never knew how long it was going to take to get the chance to experience legal marijuana and actually see a dispensary. I felt extremely paranoid just thinking about stopping and checking a place out. Actually, we almost didn’t make it to one which would have sucked. While we were down in Colorado Springs finishing up dinner we looked for different places to stop and the only place open was in Denver. All I thought was… awesome, what time does that place close and how long does it take us to get to Denver. We luckily had 2 hours. The place didn’t close till 10 and if we left right away (from Bdubs) we would make it. Whoop!

It’s 8:30pm, we’re in Denver and we’re pulling down this dark ass street following our GPS hoping the place we are going to is actually legit. Again, I’m paranoid as hell at this point. Going to a store to buy some weed is not something you can openly do, at least not where I live. One we don’t have stores like this in Florida and two, it’s completely ILLEGAL in Florida. If you live in a state where it’s still illegal, I bet you can imagine how I was feeling.


Photo Credit: Google Maps


We finally get to where we are supposed to be and as you drove up the road, even with the windows up, you could smell heaven! I knew we were in the right place. A giant green cross, people standing outside, others walking in and out, ALL smiling with big grins on their faces. Yep, I was in the right place. Welcome to Medicine Man!!

Photo Credit: Google Maps

You walk in the door and right away a security guard is there to check your ID. Clearly you have to be 21 years of age. ID’s checked and we’re all good. The guy was super nice. He handed us a brochure and an informational card. The brochure shared the rules, a few key tidbits of information and FAQs. The informational card discussed their edibles. I’ll never forget one of the things he said, you can smoke as much marijuana as you want, you will not die and when it comes to edibles, follow the rules and don’t be a fool. Take small doses until you see and feel how your body reacts. You’ll be fine no matter what, but the guy shared his story, he took a bunch of edibles at once before seeing how he reacted and he took a really long nap. HAHA!! He was like, “Yeah my friends said I was passed for a long time like 15 hours. Oops.” I definitely got a laugh from that.

Everyone who works there is extremely laid back. I had to ask the obvious and see how much they loved their jobs. As expected, I was NOT disappointed. It’s basically one of the best jobs ever! Even the customers coming in and out were cool. It’s got to be the fact of living in a state where weed isn’t frowned upon.

Inside Medicine Man.

We purchased two different types, Purple Dream and Platinum OG. We picked two Indica types. We chose to go for a body buzz more so than Sativa, a buzz more felt in the head and face. At least that’s how I think about the way it feels.

Picture of our goodies. Platinum OG and Purple Dream.

Now it’s 10pm and we’re at our hotel. Holy hell, don’t go to Colorado without a plan for your hotel. We honestly have been planning this trip out at the last minute while we are on the road. Tonight we could barely find a hotel. Bruce and I weren’t willing to part with not staying in Denver for more than an hour. It wasn’t gonna happen and thankfully we got a place to stay.

Post edited to include this day after picture!

Our last resort was this place located in Longmount about 30 or so minutes away from Denver. It is pretty shitty the hotel doesn’t allow marijuana in the building. Ok cool it’s legal in the state, hmm yeah ok. Very dumb, but we’ll follow the rules. We’re still smoking even if I have to step outside and smoke it in the car each time. We have to follow the rules because we agreed upon our purchase and we’re not about breaking any laws or pissing off the hotel that we were lucky to find.

I could already feel it even after just one hit. I felt it creeping up on me, with tingles in my body, the feeling of relaxation and floating on the clouds. The buds we’re fluffy and oh so tasty!

I don’t know if it was because I’ve never tried these kinds before or if it was because each kind was so good but I had an incredible buzz!!

Go to Colorado, like NOW!