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My Thankful Thursday at the U-pick Farm

This is a Thankful Thursday that is for sure. For the first time ever, I visited Favorite Farms, Inc. U-pick Farm in Dover, FL. I had the day off but Bruce didn’t so my mother and I took the trip to the farm for some really cheap but seriously fresh strawberries and one massive onion.

Right off the bat we drove in the back entrance. Whoops. We parked three different times and didn’t even grab the quart containers from the front entrance. Whoops. Luckily a lovely lady was getting ready to leave and gave us the containers she had so we got lucky. That won’t happen again.

I have never been to a farm to pick strawberries so I was intrigued with the whole process. Plus strawberries might be my favorite. There were tons and tons of aisles and it felt endless. I don’t even think we made it down more than four aisles each.

It was fun! A workout but fun! I bet there is a better way than always standing, bending, standing, squatting, bending. Lol! It was great to get the blood flowing, be out in the sun, and pick our own strawberries.

If you haven’t done something like this before and you ever get the chance, take it! It was way worth an hour drive. Nothing beat $.50/Quart. That’s only $5 for 10 Quarts or about 15 pounds.

It took us over an hour to clean cut and prep for freezing. I’m looking forward to making jams, smoothies, waffles, and enjoying the strawberries as they are!

Check out Favorite Farms, Inc. U-pick Farm’s website and located at:

10070 McIntosh Road
Dover, FL 33527
(813) 986-3949