Easy DIY Washi Tape Greeting Cards

While I’m on the whole washi tape kick, I thought why not make really cute holiday greeting cards that will be incredibly easy and quick to boot. My mom was just visiting this last weekend and we stopped at Michael’s to shop around for some other projects and although we didn’t find what we were looking for, we actually came across a great sale on washi tape. Perfect! Funny how you look for something specific and then walk out of a store with a bunch of different things not on your list. Oops, how did that happen?

So the washi tape sale… a box for 10 bucks… you can’t beat that. Over two dozen tape rolls of holiday designs in different lengths and thicknesses. It was a deal so my mom bought us one to share. I should have got a picture of it. Rats. Well next time.

These are some of the greeting cards I created with the new holiday tape and a couple of the rolls I already had.






Each card opens and you can write your note on the inside. Decide which orientation you want. I chose to have all mine in landscape mode where you open the card from top to bottom. That’s where you can change it up and have fun with it.

These greeting cards are super cute and sure to be a huge hit. With a few simple steps, washi tape, and card stock you can easily make your own versions. If you are a teacher or parent, these would be really neat projects to do with the kiddos!

As I mentioned in my other post Turn Your Ordinary Clipboard Into Extraordinary, you can get washi tape in a variety of stores, usually found the craft department. My favorite places to check are Target’s dollar deal section, the Dollar Tree, Walmart or Michael’s, JoAnn’s and Hobby Lobby – when they have washi tape on sale! Luckily all those stores are within 15 minutes of me. Hah! I have a slight addiction to washi tape so I have to refrain myself from running to the store multiple times a week. Washi tape seems to last a while so that is another plus.

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