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Turn Your Ordinary Clipboard Into Extraordinary

I have a couple clipboards in my office and I got to thinking the other day, how can I easily transform my clipboard from boring to dramatic…? Duh! Washi tape! Decorative tape that doesn’t cost a lot and that you can get at a variety of stores in the craft department. Simple, easy to find and inexpensive!

What Do You Need?!?

  • Washi Tape or Decorative Tape
  • Boring Clipboard


For this project I used 7 different tapes found at Michaels, the Dollar Tree and Walmart.

I didn’t start with a plan. There is no pattern and I didn’t actually like it until the very end, hah. BUT! I didn’t stop and remove any of the tape or question how it looked, I just went with it until it was finished. Then I loved it!


Walmart had a handful of designs at a low price, like maybe $.50 which is so cheap! I’m a huge holographic fan and this crazy roll caught my attention immediately. Too bad you can’t see it in person because it is way cooler than what these pictures show.



I spent the whole gloomy day working on DIY washi tape crafts and projects and I can’t wait to get all the photos together to share with you. Have any crafts using washi tape that you’d like to share with us?






4 thoughts on “Turn Your Ordinary Clipboard Into Extraordinary”

  1. You know what is amazing about this to me? That you didn’t plan this ahead of time! That you just started and continued until done.
    The mind of very creative people amazes me. I continue to see how your ability to do crafts or anything you enjoy this ability flows effortlessly. Or it show up that way! It’s fun and inspiring to witness. Thank you for this Blog of yours! Keep up the great work that I’m sure others continue to enjoy as well.

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    1. Thank you! I’m happy to hear you are interested in my posts, it means a lot. Thank you for commenting and sharing your thoughts I appreciate it. It’s nice to know that there is someone out there reading my blog.


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