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Organized Space Increases Your Quality of Life

Having a clean living space and an organized workspace will completely change your mindset and how you feel about getting things accomplished.

If your desktop on your computer has a ton of  pictures and files and programs covering it then good luck with it processing quickly – because it won’t. If you have so many things covering your workspace then how are you able to get anything done?

Clean your surface off whatever that may be and start with an open space, free of stuff. Throw some shit out. LOL! Yeah I said it & you know it needs to happen. I actually did it which make me realize how much crap I had. Before, I thought I was sure that I needed everything and the only issue I was dealing with was need more storage for organization. HAH! Wrong! I took my time going through and organizing everything and at the end, I tossed out two 13 gallon sized garbage bags. I had no idea! To think the things you accumulate over time.

I spent 3 days, a total of about 16 hours, cleaning my spare bedroom/office/scrapbooking space. It was horrific. I don’t have a fancy office (yet!) but it works. Now that I did a number on it, it’s a major difference. I’ve been making my own DIY storage by using cardboard boxes and unique ways to convert a blank space into an organized space.


Left: My Jamberry starter kit turned into a brochure, card and envelope shelf. Above it is a shipping box turned into a file divider. Middle: Old shutters now hold postcards, pictures and things. Right: My Jamberry Conference swag box is now a corner bookcase and JamCon shrine.

As you can see from the pictures and caption, I did a few different things to convert the space to something useful and clean. It’s not cluttered and works well.

The crazy thing, after all that and by having an organized and clutter free space, it really does make all the difference. I immediately felt refreshed. It was exhausting but having the tables cleaned off and things put in their place, was amazing! I felt like I was instantly able to get things done and actually think without feeling overwhelmed and bogged down. Now I feel excited and energized and I’m more engaged. It’s a lot more inspiring than a pile of junk.

So… I want to share an organizational quote from an amazing lady! I think everyone needs to hear it, well read it and I think you’ll be surprised how honest it is.

“Organization isn’t about perfection; it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life.”    – Christina Scalise

Organized space increases your quality of life. I challenge you to test this out for yourself. Think of a mess you have. Maybe it is your office, your bedroom, the laundry, or even the desktop on your computer. Throw things out that you don’t need to keep. Anything you can let go of or get rid of will help you. Dwindle down your mess and organize your space and see what impact it makes on your mindset and your life. Then, report back here and share with us a mess you cleaned up and how it made you feel. Little steps to big things.


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