Little Free Pantry

Busy Day at the Coronado Little Free Pantry

Today has been a very busy day here at the 12185 Coronado Drive Pantry. We had two drop offs, both with amazing items. One of my favorite things about all this is to organize the donations that come in. If there are a lot of the same items I will put some out and put some away in a closet I have designated for the pantry supplies. Each day I walk out to the pantry with my boyfriend Bruce and clean up and restock if need be.


Our first donation today was by Vanessa, another pantry owner. She made a trip to the store and bought some extra stuff for us. So very sweet of her! Thanks Vanessa!!




We put out some toothbrushes, soap, and feminine pads into the personal hygiene bin. This is the super fun part, stocking and filling the pantry with food for others to use when they need it.

A lovely mother and daughter came by before dinner time with a large box full of stuff. They were the second donation of the day. It was so nice to meet you, whoever you were. If you ever read this, know that I am truly thankful for your kindness!!!


They left us a lot of stuff. You can find canned vegetables, Asian and Oriental noodles, soup, jello, baking items, pasta, seasoning packets, salad dressing and a few other things.

This is all so amazing and it’s a joy to be a part of. Something to really think about, people who may not have had food, now do. This is a way for others to have support and extra food available to them at all times.

As I sign off here to go check the pantry… Someone may have dropped something off or took some things. I gotta go check. But first, this is what the pantry looked like just before dinner time after the second donation.

It’s packed!!! If you live in the area of Spring Hill, FL, please come visit and see what this pantry stuff is all about!

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Easy DIY Banner for Your Office

Yesterday I mentioned in my post called Organized Space Increases Your Quality of Life, that I spent a few days cleaning my spare bedroom/office/scrapbook room. Well during that process I managed to find myself ‘organizing’ by using up some of my scrapbooking stuff to make small banners for my desk. Basically I kept taking breaks to be creative and use things around my office to help declutter, which in turn made some really cute stuff! One of my favorites is this Jamberry banner I made for my desk in my office. It is adorable!


I recycled the packaging from my Jamberry headbands to use for the background. It was the perfect shiny gray color that I was looking to match with my letters that I used. It is really easy to make and the possibilities are endless.

You can use any kind of letters that you want, whichever letters that you like best. For the first project, my letters happened to be thick cardstock/cardboard style cutout because I wanted dimension and texture.

Thick cardstock letters came in 52pcs for $1.50 at Michaels.

If you only have flat letters that will work too, check out this one I did with black sparkle sticker letters, still really cool looking. See I told you, you can do anything with these. Here are some other ideas: a person’s name, a team, favorite band, holiday themed, special day/date. A whole lot of things you could do.

Black sparkle letters on the thin headband packaging.


What You Need:

*Letters   –   whichever works best for your project.
*Glue   –   Elmer’s or a hot glue gun.
*Cardstock   –   or scrapbook paper, recycled cardboard, something that will hold the letters well.

I gathered my letters and laid them out how I wanted them before I started gluing them down. Sometimes just going for it and winging it works and other times it doesn’t. This wasn’t a time I was willing to test that theory, so I planned the look and layout before I started gluing.

You could always lightly trace the letters with a pencil if you want the placement to be specific and accurate. I personally made mine jagged so they didn’t sit together perfectly and looked a little more choppy.

If your letters are stiff and you’re trying for the level look like mine has, I recommend not even trying it with a glue stick. It doesn’t work great. I mean you can try it if you want to… in fact, I bet there are some of you out there reading this right now saying, I bet I can make it work with a glue stick. *Long Chuckle* If you get it to work with a glue stick, great! Mine didn’t when I tried the first time – so I used a hot glue gun. I really didn’t want to at first and that’s why I used the glue stick since I was thinking I’d conserve my last glue gun stick because I’m cheap like that. It was all good at first, I was so happy with it and then I hit it. I can’t honestly tell you how but I did and of course, popped off some of the letters.

The glue stick was good for the trial and error and being able to share a tip from the experience but using the glue stick was a waste of time.

Here is my final project. Again you can make these into anything. Since it was a Jamberry package at first and our Brand Values at Jamberry include Be Creative, I thought I’d reuse them and make my own DIY Banners that incorporate Jamberry to keep in my office.


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Organized Space Increases Your Quality of Life

Having a clean living space and an organized workspace will completely change your mindset and how you feel about getting things accomplished.

If your desktop on your computer has a ton of  pictures and files and programs covering it then good luck with it processing quickly – because it won’t. If you have so many things covering your workspace then how are you able to get anything done?

Clean your surface off whatever that may be and start with an open space, free of stuff. Throw some shit out. LOL! Yeah I said it & you know it needs to happen. I actually did it which make me realize how much crap I had. Before, I thought I was sure that I needed everything and the only issue I was dealing with was need more storage for organization. HAH! Wrong! I took my time going through and organizing everything and at the end, I tossed out two 13 gallon sized garbage bags. I had no idea! To think the things you accumulate over time.

I spent 3 days, a total of about 16 hours, cleaning my spare bedroom/office/scrapbooking space. It was horrific. I don’t have a fancy office (yet!) but it works. Now that I did a number on it, it’s a major difference. I’ve been making my own DIY storage by using cardboard boxes and unique ways to convert a blank space into an organized space.


Left: My Jamberry starter kit turned into a brochure, card and envelope shelf. Above it is a shipping box turned into a file divider. Middle: Old shutters now hold postcards, pictures and things. Right: My Jamberry Conference swag box is now a corner bookcase and JamCon shrine.

As you can see from the pictures and caption, I did a few different things to convert the space to something useful and clean. It’s not cluttered and works well.

The crazy thing, after all that and by having an organized and clutter free space, it really does make all the difference. I immediately felt refreshed. It was exhausting but having the tables cleaned off and things put in their place, was amazing! I felt like I was instantly able to get things done and actually think without feeling overwhelmed and bogged down. Now I feel excited and energized and I’m more engaged. It’s a lot more inspiring than a pile of junk.

So… I want to share an organizational quote from an amazing lady! I think everyone needs to hear it, well read it and I think you’ll be surprised how honest it is.

“Organization isn’t about perfection; it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life.”    – Christina Scalise

Organized space increases your quality of life. I challenge you to test this out for yourself. Think of a mess you have. Maybe it is your office, your bedroom, the laundry, or even the desktop on your computer. Throw things out that you don’t need to keep. Anything you can let go of or get rid of will help you. Dwindle down your mess and organize your space and see what impact it makes on your mindset and your life. Then, report back here and share with us a mess you cleaned up and how it made you feel. Little steps to big things.

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The Best Sushi I Ever Ate

Holy cow, so I thought I’ve had amazing sushi before since I’ve tried quite a few different places from decent to incredible and all of the in between, until I tried a local restaurant that is highly rated on Yelp! as the best sushi here in Hernando County. It was phenomenal and I was impressed! Located here in Spring Hill, FL – Sakura Asian Cuisine & Sushi, located in the Publix Market complex on the corner of Mariner Blvd and County Line Rd.

It’s now the go to spot located just over 5 minutes away. The fish and seafood was so tender and packed with flavor. The rice was a perfect texture and it was a incredibly fresh.

Maki Combo: California roll, tuna roll, yellowtail scallion roll.

My brother was in town and I never knew he was into sushi so it was a great experience for all of us. They ordered the Maki Combo.

Spider roll and spicy tuna tempura roll.

Bruce and I tried the spider roll and spicy tuna tempura roll. Both were fantastic. They include a fried portion. The spider roll has soft shell crab tempura with avocado and romaine and the spicy tuna tempura and also includes avocado, so yummy!

Christmas Roll

We all split the Christmas roll. Fresh tuna, crabmeat, avocado and mix caviar. I couldn’t get over how fresh the tuna was. The texture was nice and smooth, gosh it was ALL so fresh and tasting. That was the first time I ever tried caviar. I had no idea what to expect. It reminded me of popping bobas from Bubbleology, definitely a different experience, but it was so wonderful!!

You need to try it! If you like sushi or want to try sushi, this is the place to go!

Map of Sakura Asian Cuisine & Sushi Restaurant



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Little Free Pantry

Hernando County Community is Giving Away Free Food

This is so exciting and I’m super excited to share this with EVERYONE!!! Ok sorry, but I’m really excited about this. Over the weekend I received a message on the Hernando County Little Free Pantries Facebook page from a reporter with ABC Action News! Crazy!! She’s interested in the movement we have going on about the Little Free Pantries here in Hernando County and wanted to meet up here at my house to do a story about the pantries. It was awesome!

On Monday, February 6th, at about 5:15pm, ABC Action News aired the interview. Check out the story and video: Hungry families get unexpected help from ‘Little Free Pantries’ project

I will be honest, I was nervous over the weekend once I first read the message but I kept telling myself, this is huge! That this was going to bring awareness and exposure to these pantries we have and that is what we need. I like to say thanks Jamberry because of this years theme, Be Fearless… I convinced myself to step out of my comfort zone since being in front of a camera and put on TV was something I haven’t done since I was a little kid. It was way out of my comfort zone and was actually super easy and fun.

The reporter shared my motto, so I think you can say we’re gonna roll with it!! Take What You Need, Donate What You Can!

If the Little Free Pantry excites you, then you’ll love our Hernando County Little Free Pantries Facebook page.



Little Free Pantry

Hernando County Little Free Pantries Page

February 2nd, 2017, was the start of the Hernando County Little Free Pantries Facebook page. In the Spring Hill, FL Neighbors Facebook group (if you are in the area, join our group) there has been a lot going on because of these pantries. The idea was to help others keep track of all the locations of the Little Free Pantries that are here in Spring Hill. So from there the idea was real and I was set in charge of being the page administrator.

It’s my honor to share the Hernando County Little Free Pantries Facebook page.

Visit our FB page:

There are now 4 Little Free Pantries located here in Spring Hill, FL. A few additions are soon to be installed, and many are being built as we speak. Each location is listed in a pinned post. It’s a fun way to see what is happening with each of them. I like to share and post about the donations, give thanks and keep the page engaged and fun for everyone.

Here in Hernando County, we are always doing what we can to give back and to help other people. It really has been crazy for me. When I first moved here, I couldn’t find anyone who was like that who wanted to bring out the positive way more than the negative. That is until last December when I joined the Spring Hill, FL Neighbors Facebook group. My faith is restored! There are a lot of incredible people in that group. Seriously, check it out if you’re in the area!


These are two of the other pantries currently installed in Spring Hill, FL.



If you live here in the area or if you ever visit, please stop by and check these pantries out! & I’m super excited to say my motto is really sticking, Take What You Need, Donate What You Can.
Get out there, be a blessing, and think about starting one of these in your community!