Little Free Pantry

The Little Free Pantry Project Comes to Spring Hill, Florida

The Little Free Pantry project began in May of 2016. The concept to be little neighborhood pantries that provide need for the neighbors. While one pantry is small, many pantries may be big.

I took an interest immediately when I first heard of the idea. I have always enjoyed giving back to others and trying to make a difference in another’s life.  Joining Jamberry has made an impact in the way I feel about helping others as well. Their brand values are simply that. Be generous, be a blessing, be creative, be unique, and be a family. All can be expressed through this amazing movement of Little Free Pantries all over the country!

It may have taken our community about 6 months to bring the Little Free Pantry to Spring Hill, but it’s here! Thank you to the lovely ladies in the Spring Hill, FL Neighbors group on Facebook for sharing a post about the start of Little Free Pantries. The pantry is a basic box with a shelf made from leftover wood, Plexiglas and hinges. This was an instant hit. Everyday people have come and gone, taken what they’ve needed and dropped of what they could donate. A Little Free Pantry with canned and boxed goods, fresh produce, paper products and books.

While I’ve been in the process of collecting the materials to build what I’d like my pantry to be… I have actually been gifted the Little Free Pantry from Joseph. Joseph built a new box for his yard that is bigger with more storage and compartments for the pantry to include personal hygiene.


This is the original pantry chilling in my lanai before I put it in the ground. Joseph donated this pantry box he built including the starter pack which includes: The raincoat (tarp on top), and two bags of canned goods, muffin mixes, salad dressings, and a couple books.

Big thanks to my amazing boyfriend who dug the holes and held it while I packed the dirt around the legs. He clearly did more work than I did!


Officially set up yesterday, January 9th around 5pm, with my sign I created with a motto I want to try and get started, Take What You Need, Donate What You Can! It looks great. I’m thrilled to have the box to get this going and in my own hands. Perfect since I haven’t had the chance to build a larger box.

Welcome Little Free Pantry project to Spring Hill, FL!