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Uramaki – the Not So Intimidating Sushi

It took me 22 years to try Sushi for the first time. It actually blows my mind because I like to consider my palate as a young girl, to be curious. I didn’t grow up in a family where everyone liked to cook or enjoy the experience and details that make up the meal except I had this reasoning I grew up with… If there was food I hadn’t ate or tasted before I would try it at least once. I wanted to expose myself to new things and challenge my palate.

So for all that time why hadn’t I tried Sushi!? The most important ingredient being rice is a favorite for many including mine, so that wasn’t it. I love vegetables and seafood, raw or cooked, so that wasn’t it. Wait. What is that called? Seaweed. Agh yes, that’s right – seaweed!

For years I was introduced to Sushi where the seaweed is wrapped on the outside. I couldn’t get myself to try it or taste it. Not even once. Maybe it was the word seaweed that made me think too much of the gross green weeds that stuck to your leg when you swam in the lake, that completely convinced me to steer away. Every time I approached the seaweed my reasoning of food from when I was younger went silent and I couldn’t bring myself to suck it up and try it.


That is until I was having a girls day back in 2012. We were in Flagler Beach on the east coast of Florida and we started our day off with lunch. The ladies opened the fridge and pulled out sandwiches, raw vegetables and dip… then out came the seaweed salad and the fresh sushi. & there it was. That damn seaweed again all showcased and at the center of attention. Only thing was, the sushi completely different that I was used to seeing. I was a tad puzzled. Sushi has rice on the outside and isn’t covered in the intimidating green sheet of Nori?! Whattt?

I learned 3 things that day. First, Nori is the Japanese name for seaweed and that sounds way more appetizing than the word seaweed. Second, even though I dislike the idea of anything seaweed, the seaweed salad was my favorite and it was very delicious! & third, I’m an ass for not trying different kinds of sushi this whole time!! I devoured it! All I could think was, this isn’t gross at all!!

Ever since then I have been a huge fan of sushi. I love seeking out that hidden gem sushi place in a random city and trying new and different types of sushi. It has been adventurous and exciting! Ooh I have spent too long missing out on this amazing cuisine! I must be thankful and continue to believe all things happen for a reason. The reason I like to believe is that my palate and mind weren’t ready to appreciate the craft and beauty of this food! It may have taken me twenty-two years to try sushi, but I appreciate the talent and I’m grateful for the joy and satisfaction I feel from it.

I will truly believe something in the younger me was interested in food and cuisine and that has stuck with me even till this day. It’s a passion of mine and something I look forward to experiencing for the rest of my life. I love the culinary world!