In the beginning

One Day at a Time

The root of an action starts with an idea. In this case, I have a lot I want to experience and share with the world. If I can share just one thing that helps improve or inspire someone else’s life – then I’m doing the right thing! One day at a time. Life is a journey and I want mine to be about following my vision and love for food, nail fashion, design, traveling and making life beautiful!


While we live in a crazy fast world that is filled with negativity, I’d like to seek out and share the forgotten beauty that is around us. It’s easy to get lost in the commotion but I like to fill my life with the brighter things. I choose happiness. Peace. Harmony and beauty… I’m thankful for so many things, a list that goes on forever.  So I sit here and write, sharing my thoughts and inviting you to follow my journey and come back to my blog as it grows and improves. Again, one day at a time.




Desk with open notebook and blank photos.